When People Still Want To Re-elect Their Oppressors Just Know Their Oppressors Are Divine – Senator Shehu Sani

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Senator Shehu Sani, a former Nigerian lawmaker has taken to his official Twitter handle @ShehuSani to speak about the forthcoming election. He explained that people who are ready to re-elect their oppressors and enslavers are under divine oppression.

As the 2023 general elections draw near, Nigerians are encouraged to keep tribal and religious sentiments aside and vote for a leader who is credible and competent enough to lead Nigeria to the promised land.

The decision Nigerians make at the polls in 2023 will make or mar the country for the next four years. Nigeria yearns for glory and she can only achieve this feat if her citizens for the right candidate. Nobody wants to make a mistake that will affect generations to come.

He wrote;

“When people are oppressed and enslaved and they still want to re-elect their oppressors and enslavers, then just know that their oppression and enslavement are Divine.”

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