I Will Always Remind Atiku Where He Said Northerners Doesn’t Need Igbos To Produce President, Group

In a recent development, the Disciples of Jagaban, a support group for Bola Tinubu, have expressed their concerns about former Vice President Atiku’s recent activities, particularly his visits to key political figures.

The National Coordinator of the group, Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje, criticized Atiku for statements allegedly made during a debate at Arewa House before the 2023 general election.

Alawuje highlighted a statement where Atiku supposedly said that Northerners don’t need either Yorubas or Igbos to produce a president.

Alawuje mentioned that this behavior is not in line with the former Vice President they used to know, insinuating a change in Atiku’s approach and intentions.

He further expressed concern that Atiku’s recent actions might lead to unrest in the country in his pursuit of political ambitions.

According to The Nation, Group said, “I will always remind the former Vice President on his debate at Arewa House before the 2023 general election, where he publicly said the Northerners doesn’t need either Yorubas or Igbos to produce president. This is not the former Vice President we used to know. His behaviour of late has shown that he is ready to set the country on the part of anarchy in order to achieve his ambition.”


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