“The Igbo Man Is Better Equipped To Survived In Nigeria” – Dele Farotimi

In an interview making the rounds on social media, Farotimi said that revolution against the suffering created by President Tinubu’s government will not start in Eastern Nigeria.

According to him, an average Igbo person has learnt not to depend on the government so it is easier for them to survive on their own. He said, “Long ago, I predicted that the Nigerian revolution would start in Northern Nigeria.

The only reason I said so at the time is because the North had always been the reason we could not find a common purpose to fight the evil.

“But now that the person in power in the presidency is not a northerner, and he is at best, a nominal Muslim, and the suffering has now been fully democratised, the Northern streets, not Northern elites, has no interest in forbearing and continuing to suffer.

“Why is it that all of a sudden, everything they tolerated in all the years of Muhammadu Buhari is no longer tolerable?”

“I don’t know how long it is going to take but if this mess continues, the problem that will consume this government will start in Northern Nigeria. It is not going to start in the East. It might seem like nothing is going to happen but something will definitely happen. This system is not sustainable,” he said.

Justifying his point in detail, the activist said, “You will rarely find an Igbo man applying to civil service or looking for a salary job. The average ones, even the ones that went to the university, still attach themselves with somebody in the market and learn a trade.

“They learnt to do without the government. They learnt to discount the government completely. Which means that the Igbo man is better equipped than any other Nigerian to cope with our current circumstances where the government has completely become useless.

“The Igbo man was already prepared for the uselessness of the government. Now that he is prepared for it and everyone wants to stigmatise him, I can’t blame the Igbo man for turning around and saying, ‘it is none of my business, enjoy your government.’” He added, “He didn’t enjoy anything from the beginning. I’m talking about average Igbo man, not about the Orji Uzor Kalus or the Okorochas of this world who have always fed on the grievances of the Igbo people and have made money by appeasement of the government and presume to speak on behalf of the Igbos.

“Average Igbo man on the street grew up believing that he has no portion in Nigeria, which was what fed the Biafran spirit and demand for Biafra even 50 years after the civil war.

“The average Igbo man in Igbo land, in Alaba International Market, in Ladipo, have always lived with the mentality of being victims of the system.”


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