“I Will Buy It For N1m Per Bottle”: Man Offers To Buy Old Original Coca-Cola Bottles

A Nigerian man, Jay Adebayo, has announced he would pay N1 million per bottle to anyone with the old original Coca-Cola bottle.

In a TikTok post, Jay shared a picture of the different old Coca-Cola bottles he needed, adding that he was serious about his offer.

Some netizens cast doubts on the genuineness of his offer but Jay insisted he was not out to scam anyone.

How to know an original bottle

For those who replied Jay that they have such bottles, he explained how they could ascertain it was an original.

“If you want to know it’s original bottle, put water inside and wait for like 3-5min. If the water is warm or hot a little that means it’s original. I will buy it for 1 million per one bottle.”

A look at Jay’s TikTok page showed he specialises in collecting vintage items, especially APC bottles, an old type of bottle with a unique shape and seems to be way stronger.

Watch the video Here


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