“Igbo Can Produce President” – Arewa Youth Recalls First Republic Alliance

The National President of the Arewa Youth Consultative Council, Zaid Ayuba, has said that the Igbo people from the South-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria have the potential to produce a president.

Ayuba’s statements are based on the historical alliance between the North and the South-East during the First Republic.

Ayuba, in an exclusive interview, highlighted that the Igbo people were once allies with the North, but their political stance has since shifted. He stated that politics is a marriage, and ideological alignment is crucial for a successful partnership. Ayuba also stressed that the Igbo can produce a president, but they must demonstrate their readiness to become Nigerians, show patriotism, and set aside their agitations.

His statement reads;

Zaid Ayuba said; “If you follow the antecedent of Nigerian political history, you will realise that in the First Republic, the northern part of Nigeria was an ally of the South-East. It was the Igbo who along the line drifted away from the political nature of Nigeria. Politics is a marriage; you cannot afford to marry someone who does not have the same ideology as you”

He added; “The Igbo can produce a president in Nigeria; nobody has ever said they cannot. What we are saying is that nobody can become the president of Nigeria without the support of one of the three zones. For the Igbo to produce a president, they will have to show that they are ready to become Nigerians, show patriotism, and set aside their agitations. We all must continue to be Nigerians because we believe that in our unity, there exists a particular strength”


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