Israeli Raid On Gaza Hospital Leaves Patients In Darkness And Desperation

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Israeli forces raided Nasser Hospital in the Gaza Strip, leading to the deaths of five patients after the facility lost power.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that the hospital was left without electricity, water, food, and heating following the raid.

The soldiers forced the evacuation of women, children, and male patients, and detained a number of people. The hospital, which was already struggling due to the ongoing conflict, was further damaged, with medical staff and patients facing dire conditions.

The Israeli military claimed that the hospital was being used by Hamas for military purposes and as a hideout for hostages, allegations that Hamas denied.

The raid has raised concerns among international organizations, with the World Health Organization describing the situation as “deeply alarming” and the United Nations urgently seeking access to the hospital.

The Israeli military stated that it had detained dozens of people, including those allegedly involved in a previous attack, and found weapons inside the facility.

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