“I’ve A Wife And 2 Kids, My Security Musa Has 2 Wives And 7 Kids, On Election Day Who Is The Boss?” – Omirhobo

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A well known Nigerian human rights lawyer and activist, Malcolm Omirhobo, has lamented, noting that the North will always out number the south on the election day, due to their population and other factors.

According to a tweet he made on his twitter handle, the human rights lawyer noted that he has just a wife and two kids, but his Mai Guard(security) Musa has two wives and seven children. He went on and asked to know the person that will be regarded as the boss on the election day among them.

In addition, he made it known that the south is outnumbered by the North in the forthcoming 2023 presidential election, but most southerners pretend not to know the truth.

Though the north might be more populated than the south, but the south should also make sure that they come out en masse and vote on the election day and stop sitting on the fence. The forthcoming election should be taken more seriously, do as to move the country forward.

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