[VIDEO]: What My Husband Did On Our Wedding Night That Made Me Regret Marrying Him, It Was Painful – Susan

A woman from Nairobi who goes by the name Susan describes her painful first night together with her husband and how she immediately regretted getting married to him. She was devastated and felt that choosing to marry him was the worst decision of her life.

Susan, who was born and reared in Muranga, claimed to have met her fiancé in Cumpus. They went to the same church and he worked for a large corporation. They were both Christians, and the local pastor there at the time was Susan.

After several months of dating, he proposed to her. They were in a relationship. She was thrilled, and they began making preparations for their nuptials. The initial preparation weeks went well, but her financial situation changed over time.

.He began to ignore her and even appeared unconcerned about the wedding plans. Her mental health suffered as a result of her solo wedding planning. She spent all of her savings on the wedding; her fiance made no financial contributions.

The morning of the wedding, she got up and got ready, but when the ceremony was about to start, her spouse still wasn’t in the church. After several hours of searching, he finally showed up, heavily intoxicated.

Susan, who was under a lot of pressure, sobbed the entire way to the wedding church. Once there, they exchanged vows and became legally wed. They checked into a hotel room to sleep because it was already late.

She insisted that her husband didn’t touch her that evening and that he was on his phone the entire time. She astonished herself when she snatched his phone after he dozed off. She discovered a ton of texts that her husband had sent to numerous ladies while they were in the same hotel room.

Some women sent him obscene films and images of themselves, and he expressed regret over being married to one of them. Sje was devastated and regretted choosing that day for her wedding. They did not take a honeymoon after that evening.

“My husband said that since it was our honeymoon, we ought to leave the next morning and return home,” said Susan.

He disregarded her when she questioned him about the texts and never offered an explanation. The next day, they returned home and began cohabiting. However, Susan changed her mind and left him a few months later to start over.

She has counseled ladies to wait before getting married. She feels that getting married to her husband was the worst decision she ever made, and she still regrets it.


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