‘Laugh Whenever I Hear Other Parties Say That They Want To Create A New Nigeria’ – Kwankwaso

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The presidential candidate of the NNPP, Rabiu Kwankwaso had an interview with BBC News where he was asked some questions concerning the upcoming presidential election and how he and his party are prepared for the election in 2023.

During the interview, Rabiu Kwankwaso said that whenever he hears other parties saying they want to create a new Nigeria, he laughs because he knows that they are indirectly campaigning for them ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

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What he simply means is that the ruling party can’t be saying that they want to create a new Nigeria while they are the ones who have kept the country how it is today. They are the ones who are not in the ruling party are supposed to be saying that they want a new Nigeria. So, he laughs whenever he hears them say that they want a new Nigeria.

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He also said that everyone including him knows that Nigeria is not moving well and a new Nigeria is needed, but those who have kept the country in its current state saying that they want to create a new Nigeria is something funny, and it makes him laugh.

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