Leave Emefiele Alone, 90 Percentage Of Nigerians Do Not Have Up To N500,000 In Their Accounts – Rufai

Oseni Rufai, an Arise Television journalist, has criticized lawmakers who have urged Godwin Emefiele, the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, to drop the new withdrawal restriction that the CBN has implemented.

The politicians and elites who have been urging Emefiele to drop the withdrawal cap, in Rufai’s opinion, are those who have a lot of money in their accounts and want to utilize it for electoral gain. Rufai pleaded with officials to give Emefiele a break.

According to data, more over 90% of Nigerians don’t have up to N500,000 in their bank accounts, according to Rufai. According to Rufai, the majority of Nigerians won’t need to object to the increased withdrawal restriction because they don’t have enough money in their bank accounts.

According to Rufai, individuals who have been protesting the increased CBN withdrawal restriction ought to leave Emefiele alone. If politicians have nothing to fear, the policy should be maintained, according to Rufai. According to Rufai, it is the elites and politicians that seek to extract large sums of money for political gain.


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