LEGEND: Some Terrible Things That Happen To Anyone Killed By Amadioha

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Before we in to this article, I’ll like to let everyone, especially the Igbos to know that Amadioha is very different from Chi. Chi who’s known Chukwu Okike Abiama (God The Creator), while Amadioha is the gods of light an thunder, that was created by Chi.

Most people thought that Amadioha is the God of creator of Igbo land due to the way he’s always being called in most occasions. The reason Amadioha is always being mentioned on a daily basis, is because he strike most often as the God of thunder and lightning and the overall owner of the sky.

Amadioha in some other Igbo dialect are also known as Kamalu, Ofufe, Kalu Akanu and the lest of them. It simply means “free will of the people”.

From his name, he’s main intention is to represent the total will of the people in every Igbo community. Amadioha is very most popular Igbo deity (Alusi), due to his Immediate intervention.

Amadioha as the god of justice, always got provoked and reacts violently to any injustice made in any igbo land. His reaction always come through thunder strikes with lightning towards the offender.

However, if Amadioha kills any person by casting thunderstones, the person will have a sign of black mark on his forehead and the person will not be mourned, neither will the body be buried. The property of the victim will as also be taken or shared by the priests of Amadioha as the punishment, which were considered as the righteous one from the almighty God.

This is why most Igbos usually call on Amadioha for immediate actions when cursing anyone or while taken an Oaths, which can be very deadly penalties when it’s broken.

Amadioha is a lovely god of peace and unity, and also a benevolence in helping his children to be successful in life, but he never seize to enforce and protect law if anyone go against it.

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