Meet Late Star Who Was Michael Jackson’s Biggest Rival In Music

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Every human being on earth that want to go far in life must have a competitor, most especially the extraordinary people on earth always have a rival who will always be like a tormentor them. It’ll that help them to work and push hard to become outstand their the other rival (s).

The competition is mostly seen in the music Industry, football game, boxing etc. Currently, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the typical rivals as a football players, just like the of Micheal Jackson and Prince Rogers Nelson, the two superstars in music field.

Though, Micheal Jackson is most popularly known In Nigeria and most other Africa countries than the Prince. Prince popularity mostly covered the entire Europe and other parts of the world as well Jackson.

This both megastars took the music industry to a higher level with their different music skills.

But the unfortunate part was that, the both (Michael Jackson and Prince) faced a bitter rivalry, mysteriously feuding throughout their entire careers. They were both successful and supper legend.

However, many will argue that either Micheal Jackson or Prince was far better than each other due to their outstanding records in the past.

Micheal Jackson who started his musical at a very young age, 9-years. As time goes on, he set his most powerful record after producing the greatest albums of all time in the ’80s known as “Thriller” (1982). Meanwhile, Prince on the other hand dropped his own outstanding album as well known as “Purple Rain.”

Jackson’s album “Thriller” won eight Grammys in 1984 that pull his financial success.

Prince on the other hand won seven Grammys, but a Golden Globe and Oscar for “Purple Rain”, Which made Prince became more unstoppable in giving MJ some serious competition. He beats MJ, the king of pop in some cases.

Prince has so many music talents, he played instruments, composed his own songs, he has his own dacing move, ambiguous sexuality. Prince he has went where Michael couldn’t go.

But the facts still remained that MJ is still the King of pop of all time and Prince is his strongest opponent.

They dropped so many hits album in 80’s and early 90’s as well, which includes; Micheal– “Bad”, “Billie Jean,” “Beat It”, bbgg “Thriller.” etc and While Prince– “When Doves Cry” “Controversy”, “1999,” “Parade” and “Sign o’ the Times.” And we got hits like “Kiss,”.

The both are music legend.

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