Why Albert Einstein Was Afraid To Rule Israel As A President

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There are some side interesting views many people haven’ t heard about Albert Einstein. Some thought, Einstein was just only an extreme intellectual being.

But no, Einstein had also participated in so many political affairs of his country as well. He made so many impact and great contributions to every affairs of the government to move forward.

The most amazing thing he did was his fought against racism during his time in America, According to Wikipedia“When he arrived in America, he objected to the mistreatment of African Americans. Einstein, who had experienced heavy anti- Semitic discrimination in pre-World War II Germany, worked with a number of leading civil rights activists and civil rights organizations (such as the Princeton chapter of the NAACP) to demand equality and denounce racism and segregation.”

However, Einstein who was known as a peace activist and a socialist believed in a limited form of world governance, therefore making contribution to move government forward.

Due to his kind gesture, fame, involvement in political thought, humanitarian and academic projects around the world, he had always been given so much opportunities to made his opinion to the public interest during 20th century.

In order to give him (Albert Einstein) credit, he was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952 but he totally rejected the offer to be president.

He was very afraid to control power, because he believed that he lacked the natural aptitude and the experience to deal properly with people.


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