Read About Powerful Prophet Who Was killed In The Eastern Nigeria For Performing Rituals

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In the mid 90′ s at the Eastern region of Anambra state, Nigeria. There was a popular self acclaimed prophet, who claimed to have a mysterious power to perform miracles to people.

The prophet was known as Eddy Nawgu or Eddy na ” Eddy na Nawgu” which came about his town location as he came from Nawgu community located in the Dunukofia LGA of Anambra State, Nigeria.

At the age of 29, Eddy started preaching and acting as a powerful man of God. He converted many souls to believe and joined his ministry ‘ Anioma Healing Centre’ , built in his home compound at Nwagu Anambra state. He said that his ministry was to heal the sick ones back to normal and to also restore people’ s hope back to live, especially those who their hope to survive has being frustrated on earth.

Years later in the mid 90′ s after prophet Eddy Nawgu had gathered too many followers to his church at Onitsha, the commercial city of Anambra state. Many people started connecting from different states in Nigeria in search of the popular prophet to perform miracles to their life.

The intense increase of the prophet popularity in the state got the state government and the people of Anambra state to suspect the prophet of using some dark magical power to perform his miracles. Due to that, he begun to attract the attention of powerful community vigilante, that was meant to harness some criminalities across the Eastern states in Nigeria during Chinwoke Mbadinuju’ s government of Anambra state, when anarchy was taken over eastern land with high criminalities of all kinds.

The community vigilante group were known as ” Bakassi Boys” posses their metaphysical power to apprehend perpetrators of violence to book across the eastern states.

However, after some investigations, Eddy Nawgu became the most wanted list in the state as he was accused of so many Criminalities includes, aiding & abetting infamous criminals, kidnapping, doing rituals of using human body parts, i. e. (the human skull), illegal possession of firearms and human sacrifice.

Bakassi Boys made so much attempt to apprehend him which they failed 13 times, until they consult their supreme leader named known as ” Ngwuro” to help capture him, using his utmost metaphysical power.

After Ngwuro captured him, he was beheaded, cut into pieces and burnt his body to ashes after several attempts from politians to hand him over to police for further investigation, which they refused to go with their demand due to corruption in Nigeria police. Though, before was killed, Eddy Nawgu was publickly affirmed of committing rituals and many criminalities.

Eddy Nawgu’ s confession of dark magic disperse many in the South East to loose trust in churches and in so many prophet across Nigeria

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