WW1: Why French Built Fake Paris

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During World War I, Germany primary target was French city living close to German on bombers.

World War 1 was very terrible to compare with some little diverse wars in our country. The machine gun, the tank, and the airplane brought wholesale slaughter to a new level. For the first time, nowhere was safe as civilians became targets for the new bombers.

Everywhere was on fire, as killings and maiming became the game of the day.

As the war progress with high intense, Germany raid more bombs attacks on Paris. After the first bombed from the air on 30th August 1914 was dropped, more subsequent attacks was latter increased to higher damages.

However, the reasons Paris was seen as German’s primary target was because Paris was the closest capital to the frontlines of the war, making it the easiest way to attack and bring down France. It was very much easier for German bombers to strike at the city due to its closeness of about 30km. Secondly, the objective of the German offensive into France was Paris, because they believed that the fate of France lies on Paris security. That’s, if they conquer Paris, they’ve conquered France. If Paris fell, France would fall. If Paris surrendered, France surrendered.

The continued bombing attacks on Paris created little impact on their daily life.

The city imposed a black- out to protect against the increased volume of night attacks as German escalated more offensive bombing, using Zeppelins in March 1915.

As Germany shift their attacking focus towards England after France had witnessed lot of casualties from German attacks. They quickly sought a new solution, they built fake Paris to to fool German in order to protect their territory against German’s steady attacks.

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