“The Point Of No Return”: A Sad Story In Nigeria History No One Will Ever Wish To Experience

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There is a popular place known as a Point Of No Return which located at the South Western part of Nigeria at Badagry, Lagos state and many might have heard the name but really don’ t know the meaning.

However, the place is currently being used as a taurine center, which is currently known as a Gberefu Island. At this island, there is two elected poles facing towards Atlantic Ocean tird with chain which signified slavery.

The Gberefu Island which is currently know as ” Point Of No Return” was a historically area used as a slave trade, established at early 1473 for trade business.

The place was called the Point Of No Return because no one brought to this spot will never return to their home.

Thousands of people were sold into slavery to Europeans through the Lagos Badagry Atlantic Ocean. As of then, many Africans were forcefully taken away from their family to get sold.

After many years of slave era in Africa and other parts. A new policy was imposed to abolish slave trade by British Empire in 1875. But information about the abolition of trade wasn’ t spread well to many parts of the world, which caused the slave trade to continued until it was reabolish again in 1848.


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