The Africa Slave Who Caused Pain And Made The Whites Regret Ever Buying Him

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Most of the African history were comprises of many sad stories after since the invasion of white supremacy to African continent.

The history of slavery which started from the western world before Africa was discovered brought so many dark memories to the Africans over the whites supremency.

During the era of slave trade between 16th– 19th century before it was abolished in 1807, many Africans suffered hard during this period of slavery, as many were sold out to a strange land where they were being treated like an animals.

However, there was a story of a brave African slave, ” Nat Turner” who revolted against their masters during his era.

Nat Turner made a surprising revolt against the whites (masters) that caused so much regret and painful to the white, after his revolt attacks he launched towards them.

Nat Turner was a slave to Benjamin Turner family plantation in Southampton County, Virginia in October 1800. According to history, Nat Turner was very educated and have read the Holy Bible, which had impacted so much knowledge to him about life.

Having Bible knowledge made Nat Turner to always preaching bible to his fellow slaves as he adviced his fellow slaves to be obedient to their Masters.

As their life continued as slaves, which they encountered with so many ugly experience. Nat Turner started believing he was a chosen one from God to save others from slave jungles. To suit himself, Nat Turner understood that Bible needs him to unite oppressed Slaves together to overthrow their Masters and regain their freedom.

After Nat Turner succeeded to unite 75 of his fellow slaves together. He took night and day battle with his fellow 75 slaves against the white, killing over 60 whites in Southampton.

While the white militia of about 3, 000 during the operation aggressively revolted back against all slaves, as they crunched many slaves to death, though not all of them participated in the revolt.

Aftermath, many of the attacker was arrested and killed, except Nat Turner who were no where to be found until after he surrendered himself and made a confession of no regret over what he did before he was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging in Jerusalem, 11th November 1831.

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