Nigeria Mobile Police Barracks Engulfed In Devastating Fire

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The Police Command in Gombe State has confirmed a tragic incident, as the mobile Police Barracks located at 34 PMF Squadron along Kwami town has been ravaged by a devastating fire.

The Commanding Officer of the Federal Fire Service, Gombe State, Ayuba Jonah-Sule, reported that the entire compound, including the armory, was affected, resulting in an estimated N100,000,000 loss.

The fire, which occurred on Thursday, was extinguished by the use of one medium Jet of water from the Federal Fire Service and the state fire service, in collaboration with the Nigeria Police Force.

This incident comes just a week after Governor Muhammadu Yahaya approved the release of N5m to support victims of a fire incident at Blacksmith (Makera) shops in Gombe Main Market

The situation is now under control, but the extent of the damage and the cause of the fire are still being investigated. This news serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of critical infrastructure and the need for improved fire safety measures.

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