Peter Obi’s Bombshell: Aisha Rejects Funds From People

Aisha Yesufu, the Team Lead for the Labour Party’s 2023 presidential campaign crowdfunding, has addressed accusations of misappropriating campaign funds.

In a press interview, she revealed that she rejected direct donations to her private account, directing contributors to the official campaign account.

The party’s former presidential candidate, Peter Obi, corroborated Aisha’s stance, saying there were instances where contributors complained to him that Aisha refused to collect money directly from them.

“I have had people come to me and say ‘we gave Aisha this money and she refused to take it’,” said Obi. “And I will always say to them, well listen pay for this for us. People actually paid us more in kind than in cash because we have people who paid for our logistics such as transport and flights which we are very grateful for and we are going to go to them to say thank you.”

The allegations of misappropriation of funds stem from claims that the campaign team misappropriated $150 million.

However, Obi dismissed the allegations, stating that the team received more contributions in kind than in cash. The team received support from donors who paid for logistics such as transport and flights.


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