”We Don’t Allow Fellowships In The Classrooms” – Unical VC Clears Air On Alleged Banning Of Worship Centres On Campus

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The Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar, Prof. Florence Obi, has clarified that the university did not ban worship centres within its campus. She made this statement during a meeting organized by the Chapel of Redemption on the Unical campus.

According to Prof. Obi, the university only developed a policy to regulate the establishment of worship centres within the campus, in line with the Federal Government’s policy on the creation of fellowships and churches within its establishments.

She further explained that the university allowed the Catholic Church, Protestant Chapel, and a mosque to operate within its premises, as these religious organizations were given land to build their worship centres within the university campus.

”These religious organisations are given land to build their worship centres within the university campus. We cannot allocate space to every church in town,” she said.

However, the Vice Chancellor stated that the university does not allow fellowships in the classrooms, as this can cause a lot of distractions.

She added that staff or students who could not worship in any of the approved centres on campus were free to worship outside the campus.

”We don’t allow fellowships in the classrooms; this can cause a lot of distractions,” she said.

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