Nigerian Business Tycoon Reveals 4 Rules He Gave His Wife To Make Their Marriage Work

In an exclusive interview with Storyteller media posted on YouTube, renowned Nigerian businessman and CEO of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, Joseph Olaoye Jaiyeola, shared the key principles that have contributed to the success of his marriage.

Jaiyeola outlined the four rules he gave his wife, Soledemi Olutoyin, emphasizing their significance in building a strong and harmonious marital relationship.

1. Unity in Public, Correction in Private:

The businessman stressed the importance of presenting a united front in public, even if one partner disagrees. His advice to his wife was to agree with him in public, correcting any differences privately. This approach, he believes, fosters a sense of unity and helps maintain a positive public image.

2. Use Him as a Shield:

Jaiyeola encouraged his wife to utilize him as a shield in situations where she was not comfortable doing certain things. By acting as a cover-up, he aimed to protect her from unwanted pressures and facilitate open communication about her preferences.

3. No Arguments in Front of Children:

To maintain a healthy family environment, Jaiyeola prohibited arguments in front of their children. This rule aims to shield the kids from the tension that can arise during disagreements, promoting a more stable and supportive atmosphere at home.

4. Consistent Authority in Disciplining Children:

The businessman emphasized the importance of presenting a united front when it comes to disciplining their children. He urged his wife not to act as a hiding place for the kids during moments of discipline, ensuring that his word remains the final authority within the household.

Married for several years, Joseph Olaoye Jaiyeola and his wife are proud parents of three children.

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