Security Concerns: Tension In Abuja As Multinationals And Embassies Plan Relocating To Lagos

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Tension is on the rise in Abuja as reports suggest that numerous multinationals and embassies are contemplating a move from the nation’s capital to Lagos due to the increasing incidents of kidnappings and growing insecurity in the Federal Capital Territory. Hidima, a Doctor of Philosophy, raised this alarm on his verified X account, shedding light on a concerning trend.

This news surfaces at a time when even the Central Bank of Nigeria has revealed plans to transfer some of its departments from Abuja to Lagos.

The decision, according to an anonymous CBN official, is driven by the need to decongest the apex bank’s head office, citing safety concerns and a desire to enhance overall productivity.

The move, however, has faced resistance from certain staff members who allege tribal motivations. Despite the opposition, the source insists that the primary objective behind the relocation is to ensure the safety of personnel and improve operational efficiency.

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