Obaseki Explains Why The Ogbemudia Stadium Was Not Given To The Labour Party For Their Rally In Edo

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Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has said that he expected more from the Labour Party, as he thought they are more serious. According to him, they planned to use a stadium in the city for their rally and they decided to inform the authorities in less than 24 hours.

Governor Obaseki appeared as a guest on Channels Television and the host Seun Okin asked him if the rumors peddled by the Labour Party are true. He said that the Labour Party are saying that he is scared of them and that is why he refused them from accessing the venue they planned to use for their rally.

According to Governor Obaseki, the stadium they proposed to use for their rally is still under warranty and it has to undergo a certain level of maintenance. He said that if they had informed the authorities earlier, they would have been given the conditions they need to meet to be able to use the stadium.

His words were, “I expected more from the Labour party; I thought they were more serious.” Watch the video here.


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