Peter Obi Donated 5m In An Event, I Gave 4m, An Arrogant Man Gave 100m And Someone Else Gave 50m – Yusuf Datti

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During an interview with Channels Television, the Vice-Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, stated that the Labour Party has enough structure to win the election even if the opposition party believes that it is small. He added that Peter Obi is a successful businessman and he was rank among the top businessman before he engage himself into politics.

Further More the vice presidential candidate of LP continues by saying that when he and Peter Obi attended a book launch event, Peter Obi gave a donation of 5 million naira, he gave a donation of 4 million naira, a haughty man who arrived late gave a donation of 100 million, and someone who was represented by another gave a donation of 50 million. He said that compared to other donors who gave far larger sums of money, they received greater appreciation after the donation also Peter Obi during his time as a businessman he usually sit with successful businessman man, he unveil that Osai Ovie, Tony Elumelu and Dangote are good economics in Nigeria and Peter Obi is among them too.

According to him, “Peter Obi is a very successful businessman.” He ranks among the best in Nigeria in terms of everything you can call it. He used to sit in the same front row with Dangote, Ovie, Elumelu, and others, and then he said he was going to join politics. Why didn’t others join politics? It’s not as if they don’t love Nigeria as much as he does, but he is putting it into practice.

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