Photos of a Weird tree that grows poison

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Sandbox tree also called dynamite tree, is a type of tree, belonging to the family of spurge also called Euphorbiaceae, mainly seen around Tanzania, South and North American region, it’s a type of tree that grows poison and full of conical spikes.

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Sandbox tree is very scarce, can be differentiated by its brown-colored bark, possess pointed spikes, and produce many fruits which are not edible.

sandbox tree

The tree grows poison through its pointed spikes, and fruit which is very dangerous to the body.

Sandbox tree fruit

The fruit appears similar to pumpkins, but at maturity become dry seed, which cause stomach ache, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, stooling when eaten, the tree also possess a sap, which causes a red rash, when it comes in contact with the body and causes blindness when it comes in contact with the eye.

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Sandbox tree

sandbox tree also possesses some medicinal advantages, though highly inadvisable to plant the tree around residential area, which may cause harm to humans and animals.

Sandbox tree

Oil gotten from the dry seeds, can be used as a purgative.
The leaves when boiled properly serves as a cure for eczema, intestinal worms and rheumatism.

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