Reactions As GRV Wife Promises Husband A Special Meal And Herself On The Menu

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Dr Ify Aniebo, the wife of Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour (GRV), the Lagos State gubernatorial candidate of the Labor Party at the 2023 general election, has apologized for her actions and promised to handle situations better in the future.

I a series of tweets, she expressed her gratitude to her husband for being kind, patient, and loving, and mentioned that she would be on the menu for their meal this week

She (Dr Ify Aniebo) wrote;

“I have taken time out to reflect and now it’s clear to me I should have handled events differently. It didn’t have to come this far and i sincerely apologize.

This is a teachable moment for me and i strongly appreciate the constructive criticisms. I will handle things better going forward.

That said, @GRVlagos oko mi! I know I don’t do this enough but I’m incredibly lucky to have you. Thank you for being kind, patient, and loving. My knight in shining armour ????.

Forget all this ‘shalaye’ on the timeline, you’re eating well this week – and I’d also be on the menu ????.”

Following her posts, several reactions from social media users have emerged….

@Harry Obi

“If I no enter relationship next week, make una call me bastard.”

@Brother Bernard;

“Things I love to see. God bless you for doing this and bless GRV for intervening.

But make sure you also reach out to Chika and apologize, that’s if you haven’t.”

@Shez Weird

“Single people go enter relationship by force

Una no wan comot hand for our neck???”


“Single people thinking about their lives“

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