REVEALED: 2 Strong Reasons Every Nigerian Leaders Are Afraid To Decentralise The Country – Prof Wole Soyinka

Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, emphasized the imperative of decentralization for Nigeria’s progress during the PUNCH Newspapers’ 50th-anniversary lecture in Lagos. Speaking at the Civic Centre on Thursday, Soyinka advocated for decentralization as a means to bring governance closer to the people and address the nation’s challenges. He underscored the need for leaders to cease exploiting Nigerians and embrace restructuring for effective governance.

Addressing the audience under the theme ‘Recovering the Narrative,’ Soyinka articulated that decentralization could empower communities and enhance productivity by shifting power away from centralized structures. He criticized the inconsistency of politicians who champion restructuring only to abandon it upon assuming power. Soyinka urged leaders to confront the reality of Nigeria’s situation and adopt measures that reflect the aspirations of its diverse populace.

The Nobel laureate acknowledged concerns about the potential fragmentation of Nigeria but proposed confronting the issue directly rather than evading it. He advocated for a transparent dialogue where dissenting voices could peacefully depart if they refused to adhere to established protocols. Soyinka’s call for decentralization resonates amidst growing calls for structural reform and underscores the urgency for Nigeria to evolve governance models that reflect its complex realities and aspirations.

According to Punch Newspaper, He said, “It’s about time, I think leaders stopped taking this nation for a ride, you know, we must decentralise. Security, you know, has become a burden to bear. From all corners of the nation, that is the crime.

“Decentralised so that government can come closer to the people, and productivity can really be manifested as a product of citizens, not simply as a manna from heaven. That is the attitude obtained at the moment.

“I know the fear. The fear is collapse, break up. That’s been the excuse given by several regimes. But suppose the nation is breaking up informally, in other words as a fact rather than as a theory. Then, and you better just address this. Come straight on and see exactly what happened. What is wrong with general representatives seeing them and saying this is the protocol of our association, Anything outside of it? Anyone who does not want to accept these protocols, abide by these protocols and manifest these protocols in the act should take a walk. I have no problem at all.


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