‘We Will Watch Sunday Igboho Video Clips And Decide What To Do’- Nigerian Army

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Maj. Gen. Edward Buba, spokesman for Defence Media Operations, has reacted to a statement attributed to Yoruba activist Sunday Igboho where the latter was quoted saying that his tribesmen should arise and set up a security in all Yoruba land.

In a video circulating on the micro-blogging platform X, Maj. Gen. Edward Buba said, “We will watch Sunday Igboho video clips and decide what to do.”

Commenting on this in a video circulating on the micro-blogging platform X, Major General Edward Buba said:

“What we know how to do best is to go after the enemies. The enemies in this case are the terrorists, violent extremists and any group hindering the security and safety of citizens. Well, I haven’t seen that video. One thing I can say is the military have always welcome alternative ideas.

“We will welcome communities and stakeholders to come forward to provide ideas on how we can change the situation and make it better. We will take our time to watch the videos and decide what to do. If what he is saying is to make the situation better, he is welcomed. But if what he is saying is to disregard the armed forces of Nigeria, he is definitely out of line because that is against the constitution.”

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