Security: Senate Revealed Plan To Prevent Entry Of Foreign Criminals

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The Nigerian Senate has revealed plans to make the registration of Nigerians compulsory to prevent the infiltration of foreign criminals into the country.

This decision follows a nine-hour closed-door meeting between senators and security chiefs, where the focus was on addressing the infiltration of foreign criminals into the country.

Yemi Adaramodu, the Senate Committee Chairman on Media and Publicity, revealed that the plan aims to prevent the entry of foreign criminals and enhance national security.

During the meeting, the security chiefs presented their ongoing efforts to tackle insecurity, which received a vote of confidence from the Senate.

Adaramodu also highlighted the significant progress made by security agencies in eliminating and apprehending criminals across the country.

The Senate urged the security agencies to further enhance their collaboration to ensure the total security of lives and property in Nigeria.

The meeting was attended by high-ranking officials, including the Inspector General of Police, the National Security Adviser, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of State for Defence, the Minister of Police Affairs, and the Minister of Interior.

The Senate emphasized its commitment to supporting efforts to combat insecurity in the country.

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