See Why Planes Don’t Pass The Pacific Ocean

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The Pacific ocean can be said to be the largest, oldest, and deepest ocean in the world, but over the years there have been so many controversies, why planes don’t pass the Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific Ocean was discovered in the 16th century by an explorer called Magellan Ferdinand, and his crew.
After discovering how peaceful and calm the ocean was they gave the name Pacific (peaceful) to the ocean and was also called Sea of Magellan to honor the explorer till 18th century. The Pacific Ocean is located northward to the Arctic Ocean and southward to the Southern Ocean, bounded by America to the East and Australia to the west.

This is the reason why planes don’t pass the Pacific Ocean.

• Route Issues
It has been proved by air-personnel that curved routes are shorter and faster than straight routes, due to the spherical shape of the earth.

The routes of the pacific ocean are straight, which appears longer, and slower, pilots prefer to take curved routes to save fuel, and time, also curved routes are safer, because most times when planes fly across the pacific ocean they may have to stop and refuel.

There are no hazards or any accidents related to passing across the Pacific Ocean, the main reason why planes don’t pass the pacific ocean is to save time, distance, safety issues, and fuel.


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