Iya Orisa the 136 Years old priestess that lives under the Olumo Rock

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It is evident that the mighty Olumo Rock is very popular among most Nigerians and even Africans.

This said rock is located in Abeokuta, Ogun State. From what was gathered,the people of Egba in Ogun state placed so much importance to this rock because it served as a major place for hideout during the Inter-tribal war that occurred in the 19th Century.
The Rock is located in a tourist center giving opportunity for different people in the world to visit and have a magnificent view.

But apart from the fact that the Olumo rock exist, most people aren’t aware of the the old woman or priestess who stays and lives under the rock. Chief Sinatu Sanni Aduke which happens to be her name is popularly known as Iya Orisa or Iya Orisa Olumo which means ‘Mother Goddess of the Olumo Rock
She came into the world in the year 1885 and presently she is 136 years of age. For many years now she has been the priestess and as well observed close to four installations of Egba Kings.

She plays a major role to the people of Egba, she has given assistance to so many people in the community including those suffering from illness. It was revealed that she performs the final rites of the coronation of the Egba Kings

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