Strange!: Reason Why People Were Buried Alive In the 19th Century

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During 18 to 19th centuries, many scores were pronounced dead and buried alive due to cholera epidemics a part of reason why people were buried alive in the 19th Century are common inpatient that is in Coma, cardiac arrest, unconscious patients which leads to premature death.

During 19 century there was a very terrifying chance of premature burial heightened much… It pushed people to invent a safety coffin, which was rigged with a string that would ring a bell to alert graveyard personnel the buried person was alive and they needed to be dugout.

This invention helped, an example is a Dutchman who had a heart attack and was buried immediately according to Muslim rites, but about seven hours later woke up and was immediately rescued by the burial security personnel present.
The reason why people were buried alive in the 19th Century.

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