How Funeral changed from private to public with people’s misconceptions believes to be true

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In the past before many unfortunate started happening, according to funeral Source, funerals occasions world wide were once a private family concern, where only the family members were to take care of the dead.

After many years of human existence, many civil wars took place amongst humanity across many countries of the world. The war consumed thousands scores.

The experience of the outnumbered dead bodies changed people’s narrative and brought so many misconceptions among humanities concerning about funeral arrangements.

However, in the 1890s as the ceremony of death was taken out of private houses and into public, which also introduces professional businesses stereotypes and some kind of stereotype that many people believe.

Example; The most general believed was that only men that can work as a “mortician” due to what happened during the civil war as many men were the ones to bury the dead bodies, which has turned into profession.

But currently women has proven thay mortician, but currently “women” works out quite well as a mortician.

According to the National Funeral Home Directors Association (USA Today) 60 percent of mortuary students are women.

It was also revealed that women do more better than men, because as a mortician, it has to do with emotional connection you make with people who are really sad. Women are mostly fit for the job unlike the thought and believe, and it involves a lot of areas, like sociality and psychology, where they have dominated for years.

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