Know the difference between a hotel, motel and a brothel?

Some years back Some state tourism office offered a prize to anyone who could come up with an answer to that question that was authoritative enough to generate agreement among all as to a proper definition, and thus written into law whenever a legal distinction had to be made.


Here are the substantive explanation of defining these facilities. A hotel is a place where people can pay to stay for a short period of time.

Inside a hotel room, amenities can range from a low-quality mattress in a small room to large suites with larger, higher-quality beds, a dresser, a refrigerator and other kitchen facilities, upholstered chairs, a flat screen television, and en-suite bathrooms.

Small, low-cost hotels may only provide the most basic guest services and facilities.

Larger, more expensive hotels may include amenities such as a swimming pool, business center (with computers, printers, and other office equipment), childcare, conference and event facilities, tennis or basketball courts, gymnasium, restaurants, day spa, and social function services.

Hotels typically provide numerous amenities such as exercise rooms, free continental or full breakfast, an indoor pool, and business services such as computers, printers, faxing, and so on. One of the best places to spend a longer period of time with your friends and family.

They also have only a few points of entry, which can be easily secured at night to ensure the safety of their guests.

Hotels are more expensive than motels.


A motel, also known as a motor hotel or motor lodge, is a hotel designed specifically for motorists, with each room typically entered directly from the parking area for motor vehicles rather than through a central lobby.

Highway travelers can stay in motels located along the highways. You will not have as many amenities as a hotel, but you will be able to stay overnight for 1-2 days. Assume you are on a long journey and must stay so

Motels are less expensive and typically only provide a room, a TV, and possibly internet access. They may have a pool, but it is almost always in the open air. They don’t usually have any amenities, which is reflected in their lower price when compared to hotels.


A brothel, also known as a whorehouse, is a location where people engage in sexual activity with prostitutes.
Technically, a brothel is any establishment where prostitution is commonly practiced.

However, for legal or cultural reasons, establishments frequently refer to themselves as massage parlors, bars, strip clubs, body rub parlors, studios, or other names. S*x work in a brothel is thought to be safer than prostitution on the street.


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