The Day Ojukwu Brokes Down In Tears For The Igbos In Lagos, See What He Said To Them

Despite the effect of the Nigeria civil war, which mostly affected the Igbos amongst other Biafra regions in Nigeria via property lost.

The outcome of Nigeria civil war made the Igbos to lose billions of their properties in most parties of Nigeria which they never recovered after the civil war.

Many states in Nigeria seized most of their multi billion companies across the country and never returned it back to them as the original owner.

The Igbos suffered so hard on the effect of the civil war, since most of their properties was invented outside their territory.

Due to their bad lost, the federal government of Nigeria decided to gave little penny for survival, £20 each Igbo man, not considering the amount they had in their bank before the civil war broke out.

The Igbos started building up afresh to survive and meet up with their initial standard. No one believed that Igbos could ever overcome the poverty level after the civil war.

After some years of bitterness and suffering. The Igbos again, regained their business standard all over the country, which came as a surprise to everyone.

They bought and rebuild almost all their lost properties from the Nigerians who took over their properties due to civil war that befell upon them.

Nevertheless, the Igbos haven’ t learnt their hard lessons. They believed in one Nigeria more than others.

They started making the same mistake they made before the civil war, in establishing multi billions companies outside their territories without recurring what happened in the past.

However, their Biafran war lord, Col. Odumegwu Ojukwu who fought very hard for the Igbos with his father’ s wealth and his wealth as well, broke down in tears after he was invited in Lagos state to commission one of complex built by an Igbo man along the Lagos- Badagry expressway. Ojukwu literally cried and felt so disappointed on the Igbos.

He told the Igbos that they’ ll surly regret everything at end. He warned the Igbos against developing another man’ s land and living theirs in total shamble. This is why Igbos are being marginalized in Nigeria today, he added.By Chinedu Onyeka


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