The Man That Nigerians Are More Worried About Is Tinubu Not Even Arise TV Chairman – Bello

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Arise, TV analyst, Emmanuel Bello has given his thoughts on the ongoing back and forth between the Chairman of Arise Tv and the APC Presidential Campaign Council.

According to him, the APC PCC took those debate invitations personal and have turned around to attack the chairman of Arise Tv.

He also added that Nigerians aren’t looking to hear about the Arise Tv chairman, instead they are worried about Tinubu and want to know more about him. In his own words as seen on Arise TV …

“They went personal in the way that they took on the chairman of Arise Tv. They questioned his background and it’s almost as if the chairman is on the ballot as a presidential candidate. He is not the major issue, he’s not running for office and Nigerians are not fact checking on his records. The man that Nigerians are more worried about is Bola Tinubu, they want to know more about him not Arise TV chairman. They want to know what he stands for and they need him to attend any one of these town halls like all the other presidential candidates are doing.”


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