The Spirit that enforce confusion to people’s life in Igbo land

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Despite the fact that white men (colonial masters) had took so much things away from Africans during mission in Africa continent, including the Igbos which leaves in the South Eastern parts of Nigeria.

However, the Igbos still have some gods that keep existing in Igbo land, one of them is called “Agwu”.

Agwu has been existing since in so many ages, even in this current era of 21st century. Agwu is known as the patron deity of diviners, which still exists and keep manifesting in all Igbo land.

Agwu deity is a trickster spirit that was created by the God of Igbo land, “Chukwu”. This spirit appears very scary and choose whoever he decide to choose to serve as chief priest in the land.

Agwu posses on anyone he likes and put the spirit of confusion in the mind of person he wishes and no one can do anything about it.

However, Agwu currently posses only few people this days our present generation.

Now, most people who are being possesed by Agwu, mostly becomes confuse in life because they always refuse to follow the spirit direction to serve as chief priest.

The worst of it is that, anyone who’s affected can’t settle for any business due to the disturbance of the Agwu effect, until he/ she follow the path of becoming a chief priest.

The people who are being posses by the Agwu are always regarded as misfortune entities due to their characters of non focus.

While in the olden days in Igbo land, anyone who is possesd by Agwu, seems as a great gift from gods and they’ll automatically becomes a chief priest with gift of diviner.

The Agwu which is normally known as a convener and transfer of confusion to a clean mind, can also clarify and free anyone who’ s in a confuse state of mind.

In every divination period, chief priests (dibia) in Igbo land are meant to do ritual sacrifices to Agwu in order to foresee future event that will occur.

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