Things you need to know about bitter cola/kola nut

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First, we have to know about bitter cola and how it was discovered, bitter kola Which is also known as kola nut is a seed from kola tree, it was found in the western African country, and it has been respected in most of these African countries because of its health benefits, in the characteristic of taste this plant is well named, it has also been told that this plant has some side effects, because of the high caffeine, which means that people under some various illness should see their consultant before taking it, due to the high caffeine in kola nut person who already has high blood pressure, or under high blood pressure medication should see his/her specialist before eating kola nut or any other products made with kola nut.

Also, using bitter kola or any products made with it can cause Insomnia or sleeplessness so people having a sleep disorder should avoid bitter kola or anything with bitter kola. In the terms of health benefits, bitter kola is one of the natural hunger suppressants and also support losing weight, it can also be used to stave off snakes.

Bitter Kola can also be used to prevent any infection or poison that occurred when u accidentally ate anything that has been infected by poison or other bacteria.

The high quality of antioxidants in bitter kola helps in building immunity levels in the body. scientist have also notified that the chemical constituents in bitter kola have anti-malaria properties, also, the husk, stem, and seeds of bitter kola are used in treating acute fever, throat infection, and others, it also so helps to improve sexual performance, most especially among men, kola nut will not only increase your sex drive, it will also boost the sexual performance of men who eats it, so in other to be effective, it is advisable to chew bitter kola for at least 3minutes before copulation. Bitter kola has a tremendous amount of health benefits as well as nutritious advantages that help in human nature.

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