What My Teachers Taught me About How To Sit With My Legs Crossed

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I have had many teachers over the years who taught me to sit with my legs crossed, walk like a lady, eat and chew my food silently, speak softly and act perfectly. 

Each of them wanted to make me a better person, and today I bow down to each one of them. I realised the value of what they said to me, only then I thought it was an interference and why could they not leave me alone. 

It’s interesting that at the moment when we are being told what is good, right or appropriate for us, to live in this temporary world, we rebel and it is much later that we wake up to the practicality of living which is equally important.

The other way to understand it, is to know that along with consensus and coherence with the world outside me, it has to resonate with my inner world for it to become a pleasurable experience. 

I am glad that my teachers taught me with love and care. I am grateful for that, and I am also blessed for those who failed me, hurt me, created jealously and reprimanded me for they had only my welfare in mind. 

Just like a car is assembled with all it’s parts, each important for the car to function, I am glad to have found teachers who helped me assemble myself, piece by piece. I learnt the value of each piece as I drove myself through the lanes of life.

 I also realised that at the traffic light I had the cop who helped manoeuvre, and at the restaurant the waiter, and the usher in the cinema hall who helped me learn about sitting in the theatre in darkness and wait patiently for the show to get over.

 To know that my life is nothing but a projection and not get attached to the experience. 

Each of these people continued to teach me about life and what made them an integral part of my world. 

As I climbed up the ladder of growth and success, I had more people to thank. I found this so enriching as I didn’t find myself alone at the top. All of you here and everywhere else has taught me that loneliness is only if your mind has never experienced love.

I pray everyday, and today is not special for all who walk on fours, twos or multiple limbs or fly in the open skies who teach me everyday of what makes this living sacred.

I wish to recognise the contribution of the skies for teaching me about infinity, the water for its dissolve-ability, the earth for its seed-ability and the air for its breath-ability. 

I wish to thank my people and your people for their availability. 

My eyes get moist when I write about the love-ability which comes from thousands of you who hold my hand, hug my body and air kiss me. 

This day I wish all my revered ones, You All who have put the fuel in my engine so that I can move from a state of inertia to ingenuity, from being static to dynamic and from being just me to experiencing Oneness.

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