Tinubu: Rufai Oseni’s ‘I Will Call The Governor’ Statement Shows He Has Psychiatric Issues – Afegbua Blows Hot

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A former Commissioner for Information in Edo State, Prince Kassim Afegbua has on Friday, berated an Arise TV journalist, Oseni Rufai over his alleged attacks on the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Speaking via a statement, Afegbua while praising the APC flag bearer’s performance at Chatham House opined that Rufai’s utterances show he has misplaced anger and sentiments towards Tinubu’s presidential bid.

According to him, the TV anchor seems to have domestic issues which make him come on air to pour his anger on others.

He wrote” For some time now, Oseni Rufai has been running down Tinubu’s aspiration. He breathes his sentiments into every discourse, pours his hurling on the meal and flaunts his arrogance, with a straight face; as if to say, go to hell.

“I have taken pains to understudy some of his utterances and perspectives and find them very peripheral and without depth. He appears to be a man who is quarrelsome and disorganized, or likely to have some domestic issues, causing him to come on air every day, to pour out misplaced anger. Trying to mimic Reuben Abati in terms of profound delivery, he exposes his sentiments against the Tinubu presidency as he usually caresses his TV guests that are supporting other presidential candidates.

“Rufai should note, and very clearly too, that Arise TV is not the same as the Radio station where he initially worked; it is a global platform that should convey serious contents, and not a place where “I will call the Governor” attitude should fly. That incident alone exposed Rufai’s psychological and likely psychiatric problems and that is something to be concerned about”.

The APC stalwart opined that the traffic offense committed by Rufai a while back speaks volumes about his true personality. He maintained that his verbal display about his familiarity with the Lagos State Governor in a bid to untangle himself from the unpleasant situation shows the sad reality about Nigeria.

Afegbua argued that one of the reasons Nigerians should vote for Tinubu is that he would not allow mindset such as that displayed by the TV anchor to fester in the nation.

He went on to state that despite the various media backlash meted on former president Olusegun Obasanjo he still ended up taking over power, hence Tinubu’s aspirations should not be looked down upon as he still stands a chance in securing the presidency.

Speaking further, Afegbua praised Tinubu for his decision to delegate responsibilities during the question and answer session in Chatham House.

“By Tinubu asking some of his team members from his brilliant stock to respond to some of the questions does not amount to any faus pax or gaffe. I am yet to see anyone who can school me on the strategic choices that any candidate can make. A President’s primary take home lesson is to be jack of all trade, master of all; delegating responsibilities and coordinating and collating outcomes”.

“Why would it be of utmost importance to have such brilliant men and women as Tinubu has around him if they couldn’t answer for him when asked questions? He listens to a coterie of appointees, weighs their contributions and takes responsibility and or credit for the success or otherwise of any actions taken on the issue(s) under scrutiny”.

” Having listened to Asiwaju Tinubu in Lagos when he spoke elaborately with members of the Organised Private Sector, in Kano, Owerri, Minna and Lafia, during his Townhall engagements, it will be foolhardy for anyone to think Tinubu cannot interrogate issues and speak to them. His style in Chatham House was what he chose for that outing. Did he not appear on BBC Focus on Africa alone? Did he not perform stellarly? His responses to question were lucid, unambiguous and well articulated, and his poise was statesmanly; he was simply scintillating,” he added.


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