VIDEO: “Buhari Is Disconnected From Realities Of All People And He Had No Compassion At All” – Prof Yusuf

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Professor Usman Yusuf, who is the Secretary to the Chief of Defence Staff Committee that negotiated the last batch of the Abuja-Kaduna train abductees, has reacted to the interview that President Muhammadu Buhari granted to Tambarine Hausa TV, where he spoke about food security issues in Nigeria.

During an interview with ARISE TV, the former Executive Secretary, National Health, Professor Usman Yusuf said that the interview that President Buhari granted showed that he is a disconnected human from the realities of all people, that he came without compassion at all in minimising the sufferings of their people.

He also said that the interview Buhari granted is like going to a Dentist without Anastasia as he was bitterly pained.

“Buhari Is Disconnected From Realities Of All People & He Had No Compassion At All.” Prof Yusuf said.

Professor Usman Yusuf went on to say that, he is also from Katsina State like President Muhammadu Buhari and that their State has never had insecurity challenges to the current magnitude before.

Watch The Video Below.


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