Why I Was Happy With The Content Of Peter Obi’s Outreach In Benue State – Sumner Sambo

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In an interview with Arise News, Sumner Sambo, Politics Editor, Arise News, gave reasons why he was so happy with the content of Peter Obi’s outreach in Benue State.

Sumner Sambo made the statement when he was giving political analysis on the program, most especially the ongoing political parties’ campaigns.

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Summer Sambo began by saying that the Labour Party’s rally in Benue State was trouble-free

“I was so much happy with the content of Peter Obi’s outreach at Benue state because you could see him saying that, River Benue and River Niger have not been dredged over the years, why as the APC federal government led and the PDP previous administration not dredged the river Benue and River Niger and that it is contributing to the issue of flood.”


“Peter Obi was saying that he would restructure the country not only in terms of production and governance, as we have always heard, but in terms of the money and how the money is being put into place.”

Sumner Sambo finally pointed out that these are the sorts of statements Nigerians need to hear and that he was happy with Peter Obi’s outreach in Benue state.



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