[VIDEO] “During Hard Times As It Is Now You Must Not Stop To Pay Your Tithe And Quality Offering” – Ibiyeomie

Nigerian cleric and Senior Pastor at Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt, David Ibiyeomie, has emphasized the importance of maintaining faithful observance of biblical covenants, particularly regarding tithing and offering, during difficult economic times.

In a recent sermon shared via social media platforms like Facebook, Pastor Ibiyeomie highlighted the reliability and dependability of God’s covenant, asserting that those who uphold its tenets would be shielded from suffering and hardships.

The pastor explained that a covenant is a binding agreement between God and His people, established upon specific conditions and reinforced through sacred vows.

According to his teachings, when one practices the covenant, they gain access to divine protection and blessings, including financial prosperity amidst challenges.

During the sermon, Pastor Ibiyeomie urged congregants to continue paying their tithes and giving quality offerings despite current difficulties, stating that these actions serve as “covenant keys” to financial success.

He also mentioned three types of seeds—spiritual, stewardship, and financial—that believers should sow to achieve prosperity.

According to him, “A covenant is a deal enacted by God based on well-defined terms and sealed with an oath. The covenant is reliable, dependable and ever sure.

“If you practice the covenant, no devil in this World can make you suffer hardship. Thus, during hard times, let me say this to everyone. During hard times as it is now, you must not stop to pay your tithe and give quality offerings.

“They are covenant keys to financial prosperity during hard times. So you must sow seed. There are different kinds of seeds, there are different seeds that determine how you prosper.

“We have spiritual seed which is the Word of God, we have stewardship seed which is soul-winning and we have financial seed. You will sow these seeds if you want to prosper.”

Watch the Facebook video Here.


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