“Yoruba Is A Shameless Race” – Segun Showunmi

A member of the Peoples Democratic Party, Segun Showunmi, has described the Yoruba people of South-West Nigeria as a shameless race.

This was as he shared a video on X showing people in Lagos struggling to get palliatives provided by government to cushion the economic hardship in the country.

Reacting, Showunmi stated that the Igbo people of South-East Nigeria can never be seen doing such.

He shared, “We have created a mess! Shame on the Yorubas! What a shameless race. You will hardly see Igbos begging for food! Ndi Igbo Anayo Ego. How did the Yorubas become this? We must rework the developmental framework of the Southwest! I am ashamed, to say the least. Shameful.”

One user on X with the handle @Olorunsaanumi_ reacted to the politician’s post by pointing out that the crowd in the video could consist of other tribes including the Igbo.

He said, “Egbon how did you know those who are there are not igbos or Hausas ? Abi dem write their tribe for their face?

In response, Showunmi said, “Well, it is in our southwest and it is unacceptable! We did not create a race that makes excuses for gross misbehaviour.”

Another X user, @jblazeokey, said, “This is not a tribal issue, trust me there are millions of igbos that are hungry too. Hunger doesn’t know tribe and there is no shame in survival. The hunger in Nigeria is increasing daily , soon people might start looting and that chaos will might lead to anarchy.”

Showunmi responded, “Well it that is the reason for this madness! Show me a state that does not get its allocation. If you like this for your people, I don’t like it for all our people! We cannot indulge madness.”

Expressing disappointment in Showunmi, one X user, @NoNonsensezone, said, “I’m highly disappointed in you… You called a whole race shameless all because of what? All tribe are there trying to get what they could get their hands. You demoralize your race and praise another in same sentence how come you people don’t know that you will die some day.”

In response, Showunmi wrote, “Look my friend when your child misbehaves you beat him very well so he gets the message! The other day it was bread! Today it is to buy rice what type of mentality is that. A won ala yi ni tiju. Amunibuni.”


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