[VIDEO] “If You See What We See In Black Spots, You Will Weep For This Nation” – Commissioner Of Police

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Ben Igweh, the Commissioner of Police in FCT, issues a stark warning about the alarming situation in “black spots,” denoting areas rampant with suspected kidnappers and criminals.

During an exclusive interview on Channels TV, the commissioner painted a grim picture of lawlessness thriving under cover of darkness at these sites, saying, “If you see what we see in black spots, you will weep for this nation.”

Igweh revealed how diverse forms of illegal activity take place unchecked inside these hotspots—from smoking havens frequented by petty offenders like drug users to safe harbors hosting hardened criminals like bandits and armed robbers hailing even beyond Abuja borders. With resolve echoed through his statement—”The issue is that I cannot allow it to exist around FCT”—he signaled imminent action aimed at eradicating these blights upon Nigeria’s capital city.

“If you go to those black spots, all sorts of crimes are being committed, and to them, it is not a crime. People go there to smoke; bandits and armed robbers, especially from other neighboring states,” Igweh reveals, highlighting the urgency to address the issue.

The Commissioner of Police firmly declares, “I cannot allow it to exist around FCT.”

Watch the interview here

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