[VIDEO]: Rufai Oseni Explains How To Avoid Fake New N1000 Notes Allegedly In Circulation

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A leading Nigerian journalist, Rufai Oseni, has reacted to news of allegedly fake N1000 notes in circulation. Speaking on VOP, Oseni revealed vital information regarding how to avoid the fake Naira notes.

Addressing the topic, Oseni said, “Money counterfeiting will always happen, but people have to look for the security features of the money and check it.” I noticed some reflective images on the new notes when I held them up. I think people will realize these features in time. To further avoid this issue, we have often advised people to embrace digital transactions.

He continued, “I personally advocate for online transactions, and I do not even have N2000 on me in cash notes as we speak.” I rarely remember what paper money looks like anymore because most of my transactions are digitally executed. Money is just a means of exchange, and the digital interplay is critical.


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