[VIDEO]: Why ABSU Student Murdered In Cult Clash Doesn’t Deserve Sympathy – VeryDarkMan

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A popular activist, VeryDarkMan, has advised against feeling sympathy for the Abia State University student who was killed in a cult clash. The final-year student, Emmanuel, was allegedly a member of the Black Axe (Aye) Fraternity and was involved in a clash with the Vikings, a rival cult group.

According to reports, during the altercation, Emmanuel was shot and struggled to save his life. However, he was taken captive by opposing factions and was struck fatally, ending his life.

VeryDarkMan, who was informed about the incident by a lady who was weeping uncontrollably over the incident, advised against feeling any pity for the deceased student.

He argued that nobody knows what horrible deeds Emmanuel must have committed before he was murdered.

The activist issued a warning against cultism, stating that there is no benefit at all because the drawbacks exceed the benefits. He emphasized that cultism leads to violence, bloodshed, and unnecessary deaths.


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