What Happened To The Money Of Those That Invested In MMM Some Years Ago—Johnson Suleman Reveals

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Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder and presiding General Overseer of Auchi based Omega Fire Ministries International, in the video of a message shared on his official Facebook page, has reminisced on the case of the popular Ponzi scheme, MMM, that swept around the nation some years ago.

According to the cleric, he has revealed in the words how people invested their hard-earned money in the Ponzi scheme only to be swindled of their money at the end of the day. As revealed by the cleric, in his words from 02:49:55 of the video; “there are people that would gather their hard earned money and put everything in gambling. They would keep gambling on and on and keep losing it. Despite all these, they would still be optimistic about winning one day. From 02:50:21 to 02:50:48 of the video, the cleric revealed in his words thus; “sometimes ago, a Ponzi scheme called MMM was popular in the nation. People invested lots of their hard-earned money in it. When the scheme crashed, it was later made public that, the man who founded the scheme swindled the people of their money, ran away, and died”.

According to the cleric; “the man who founded the scheme ran away and eventually died. No way could anyone arrest a dead person. Whereas, people had invested heavily in the Ponzi scheme. They Invested their all and lost it all. However, this does not stop people from gambling”.

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