FG Takes Immediate Action After Minna Protest Over Rising Food Prices

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The recent mass protest in Minna, Niger State, addressing rising food prices and economic challenges, has compelled the Bola Tinubu administration to take swift action.

The protest, which caught the attention of the nation, has reportedly influenced President Bola Tinubu to issue marching orders to relevant officials.

Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris has revealed the president’s concerns about the accessibility and affordability of food items nationwide after a meeting of the Presidential Committee on Emergency Food Intervention in Abuja on Tuesday.

“The government is very concerned about what Nigerians are going through, especially what happened in Minna yesterday,” said Minister Idris, referencing the Minna protest. He added that the president has directed immediate measures to address the escalating food prices.

The ongoing committee meeting was scheduled to continue until Thursday is actively considering significant measures to alleviate the dire situation.

Minister Idris outlined some strategies, including unlocking stored food reserves across the country and engaging major millers and commodity traders for interventions.

“Government will not fold its arms and see the way Nigerians are suffering in terms of the availability of these food items. So I want to plead with you to understand with the government,” he said.

The meeting was attended by key officials, including the Chief of Staff to the President, Femi Gbajabiamila, Central Bank Governor, Yemi Cardoso, and other ministers, aims to formulate a comprehensive plan to address the pressing issues affecting food availability and affordability.

As the government acknowledges external factors contributing to high food costs, including currency depreciation, Nigerians anticipate a decisive statement on the government’s position following the conclusion of these crucial meetings.

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