“This Is Not The Renewed Hope That Was Promised” – Seun Writes Tinubu

Seun Okinbaloye, a well-known Broadcast Journalist with Channels Television, used his platform on January 29, 2024, to urge President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to address the challenges facing Nigeria, including banditry, armed robbery, kidnapping, and rising inflation.

He delivered this message, which he titled ‘Final Word,’ during the popular program Politics Today.

“Here is my final word tonight.

Mr President Senator Bola Tinubu, It is to you tonight that I bring the burden and plight of our people to. I trust this message finds you in good health and high spirits.

As you continue to navigate the responsibilities that comes with the esteem position you hold, it is with a heart and deep concern that I pass this message on the current state of our beloved nation Nigeria.

In a time when the heartbeat of our nation is raising with fear and a very fabric of our society is tearing at the same, we stand at a crossroad.

President Tinubu, the nation calls for your undivided attention as you embark on a private visit to France. Our beloved Nigeria is grumbling with unprecedented challenges that demand urgent and decisive action.

Kidnapping and abductions at the order of the day from Lagos to Kaduna, Taraba and violent and criminal activities have propounded our land, even in the heart our nation’s capital.

The audacity of kidnappers has become a sinister reality striking fear into the heart of our people.

Our citizens are living in constant fear unsure of their safety and safety of your loved ones. This is not the Nigeria we dreamed of, not the renewed hope that was promised.

We applaud the gallantry of our security operatives but indeed more works still need to be done to keep the people safe. Efforts are being made but appears they are not far enough.

What have become the strategies of State Police and Community Policing that has been talked about for several years and a huge wide paper and advisory note on how to tackle insecurity in Nigeria, where are they?

President Tinubu, as a pro- democracy agitator, isn’t it the right time to restructure Nigeria for it to work properly?

Is the Nigeria you and your friends fought for, is it the Nigeria we’re talking about? The removal of subsidies has unleashed a tider wave of economy downturn leaving families struggling to make ends meets, prices of commodities have gone through the roof.

The biting effects have been felt across the nation and the loss of confidence in the government is palpable. This is not a time for complacency, it is the time for bold unwoven leadership.

Mr President, I think it is about time to get the nation’s egghead in one room and find a lasting cure to our ailing economy.

As you stand on foreign soil Mr President, remember the weight of your responsibility to the Nigerian people. Our citizens including those who voted for you are loosing faith in the government.

The implications in the loss of confidence are far reaching and as a leader you cannot afford to look away. Investors have fling the nation like never before, economy potential of Nigeria is being squandered and the consequences will be fed for generations.

We urge you Mr President to take immediate measures to create an environment that attracts and retains investments. The clock is ticking and our economic future is at stake, Mr president, the time to act is now.

Swift and decisive measures are needed to curb the escalated insecurity, alleviate the economic burden on citizen and restore the confidence in the government.

This is not only a call to fulfill campaign promises, but a plea for the preservation of our great nation. Mr President, our original leadership is hanging in the balance, some members of ECOWAS are exceedingly exit and Nigeria’s influence is under threat.

It is time to reinstate your leadership, strengthen diplomatic ties and secure our place in the committee of nations.

As journalists, we will not shy away from probing, inspiring and holding leaders accountable.

President Tinubu, live up to the expectations of your calling and the mandate upon which your office stands.


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